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Why Movie Tutorials?

These easy step-by-step movie tutorial will make it easier than ever to learn how to control every aspect of your hosting account. It could not be any easier to learn how to use all the features we offer.

How Do I Use Them?

Our movie tutorial area couldn’t have been made any easier to use. Just look for the demo that describes the feature you want to use and click watch demo. Also, our movie demos are broken down in categories, so our clients can easily find the demo they require.

Viewing Requirements?

To view our tutorial demos, you will need to have Macromedia flash installed. New versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape already have flash support. If you’re running a different type of browser or an older version, you can easily download flash at www.macromedia.com

Control Panel Documentation

Support Tutorials

Choose from our catalog of how to videos

Currently, we have the following Tutorials available. Look for more support tutorials being added in the near future.

CPanel Tutorials:

Our CPanel Tutorials will show you how to use most available features within your control panel. The manual might explain how to do it, but there is nothing like seeing exactlty how to do it in a movie tutorial.


FTP Tutorials:

Our FTP Tutorials will show you how to connect and transfer files using the three most popular FTP programs. Transferring files via FTP is extremely effective and can be a quickly mastered using these demos.

Email Tutorials:

Email Demos will show you how to setup the most popular email clients. Setting up and configuring your email client can be difficult and fustrating, but these demos are sure to make it as easy as possible.